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Welcome to Reception. We have three Reception classes; Palm Trees, Willow Trees and Elm Trees.


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Our Learning Project this term:

Summer 1

Can We Explore It? 

This interest develops children's curiosity, understanding and knowledge about exploration, travel and discovery.

In this Interest possible lines of enquiry might be:

  • How we travel from one place to another;
  • About different types of transport on land, sea and air;
  • How to make maps and plans and how we can use them to find our way;
  • How to give and follow directions;
  • To recognise and make observations and local environments;
  • To investigate places using all our senses.

More summer gardening!

On Monday 18th July two new raised beds arrived in the Reception playground. They were filled with sunflowers and over the next few days we will be watering them and watching them grow and change. We are excited to see some bright yellow sunflowers add colour to our playground. A big thank you to Mrs Marrett, Mr McDaid and former pupil Kieran for giving up your time to help make our school environment a lovely place to be!

On Tuesday 19th July we got green-fingered and dug up the potatoes that we have been growing since May. We filled a bucket full of potatoes! We planted the potato seed, watered the plants as they grew, watched them grow taller each day and when they flowered, that's how we knew they were ready to eat! We washed the soil off our potatoes, boiled them and had them as an afternoon snack. They were delicious!

Our Graduation

On Thursday 14th July we graduated from Reception! We are so proud of all of the children in Willow, Palm and Elm Tree class. You have worked so hard and grown in so many ways. We wish you all the best in Year One. Keep working hard and remember you can make the world a better place! Reach for the stars!

Sports Day

On Thursday 7th July we took part in our Sports day. We moved our bodies in lots of different ways as we visited 10 different sports stations on our school field. We took part in an egg and spoon race, ran over hurdles, jumped through hoops, threw javelin and even scored goals against some of the Year 6 children! We worked as a team and lots of fun was had by all. A big thank you to Mr Walker for organising the morning and to all of our parents for coming and supporting the children. What a lot of fun!

Our Trip To The Seaside

On Friday 17th June we had a wonderful day on our educational visit to St. Annes beach. We had a walk along the pier, visited the arcade, went for a shell hunt on the beach, made sandcastles and had a delicious ice cream! We would like to say a big thank you to all of our parent helpers for coming and supporting the children. The children had a fantastic time and we will be using our experiences from the day as we continue to learn and explore as part of our learning project 'Can We Explore It?'

Can We Explore It?

We will be updating these photographs regularly as we are learning and exploring in lots of different ways as part of this terms learning project: Can We Explore It? So watch this space!

Am I the Fastest?

This interest develops children's curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about sports, physical activity and outdoor play. 

In this interest possible lines of enquiry might be:

  • About things that are fast and things that are slow;
  • How to use the body in different ways for sports, games and play;
  • About what makes a good team;
  • About different types of sports and equipment;
  • About sporting events and competitions;
  • About the different places used for sport;
  • About toys that move using clockwork, wind up mechanisms and remote control;
  • About different games and understanding rules of play.

Summer planting!

On Tuesday 17th May we had a lovely afternoon planting potatoes in our raised bed. We planted 12 potatoes in rows and we will be watering them everyday and watching them grow and change. We are hoping to get two more raised beds very soon to plant peas and strawberries so watch this space! A big thank you to Mr McDaid for all of your help in planting our vegetables and fruit!  

Health Workshop

On Wednesday 11th May we had a visit from the school nurse. She told us all about how we can look after our bodies by eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods that build up fat in our bodies. We even had a look at what fat looks and feels like when it is in our bodies! We talked about how to keep our hearts healthy and had a listen to each others heart beats. We even looked at a giant head lice and talked about how we can keep our hair head lice free! Take a look at how much fun we had exploring together!

Food tasting!

As part of our learning project this term we have been learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy. We have tried a variety of healthy foods. Some of our favourites were coconut, pomegranate seeds and pineapple! We used a range of vocabulary to describe how the different foods tasted such as sour, juicy and sweet. Yummy!

Happy birthday to the Queen!

On Thursday 21st March we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday in style with an afternoon tea. We had a picnic in the garden with scones, cream, jam and fruit juice. We all sang happy birthday to Her Majesty and learnt the National Anthem. Throughout the day we made royal crowns and we learnt all about the Queen and her family. A lovely day was had by all!

Am I the Fastest?

We will be updating these photographs regularly as we are learning and exploring in lots of different ways as part of this terms learning project: Am I the Fastest? So watch this space!

Spring 2 

                                              Are Eggs Alive?


This interest provides ideas for stimulating children's curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about growing and living things. 

 In this interest possible lines of enquiry might be:

  • About the changes that occur in nature during the season of spring;
  • About the spring weather, including rain and wind;
  • About the different types of farm animals and their names;
  • About the life cycle of various animals;
  • About animals that are born in spring including ducklings, lambs, chicks and frogs;
  • How to care for and nurture baby animals;
  • About plants and how they grow.

A visit from the Eater bunny!

We were so busy learning in our classrooms on Friday 24th March that we didn't notice the Easter bunny visiting and hiding lots of Easter eggs all around our playground! We had an Easter egg hunt to find all of the hidden eggs and when we had found them all there was even some left over for a yummy chocolate egg treat! Happy Easter!

Goodbye chicks

We have had such a lovely time watching our nine eggs hatch and grow into lovely chicks. We have noticed lots of changes in our chicks! They have started to grow small feathers on their wings, their feet are getting bigger and they are very lively! We will miss them lots but before they go we gave them a cuddle goodbye using our gentle hands.

Sport Relief

On Friday 18th March we ran, jumped and walked  1 mile for Sport Relief. It was so much fun! All of the children got involved and helped to raise lots of money. Thank you to all of our families for your generosity!

Spring chickens!

Some exciting new visitors arrived in Reception on Monday 14th March. 10 eggs  have been keeping warm in their incubator and 9 have hatched so far. It is very exciting! We have named them Pippin, Poppin, Star, Stripy, Fluffy, Giddy, Cutie, Sunshine and Rose. Watch this space for the latest chick updates!

Are Eggs Alive?

We will be updating these photographs regularly as we are learning and exploring in lots of different ways as part of this terms learning project: Are Eggs Alive? So watch this space!

World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March we dressed up for World Book Day. All of the children looked amazing in their costumes and we all had lots of fun bringing our books alive! We love reading!

Reception Litter Pick

On Wednesday 2nd March we went on a litter pick in our local area as part of 'Clean for the Queen.' Thank you to all of the parents who came to help us!


As part of our work in Understanding of the World, during our ICT lessons this term we have been learning to use the iPads. We worked together in teams to develop a story based on dinosaur characters. We used the Lego Movie app to create our own fantastic stop motion animation films! Watch out Ardman Animations! Keep your eyes peeled to see if you can see yours in the near future!


Spring 1

Which was the Biggest Dinosaur?


Happy new year to all of our children and welcome back! We are so excited to get stuck in this half term and start our new learning project. This interest provides ideas for stimulating children's curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about dinosaurs including real and imagined creatures of different sizes. 

In this interest possible lines are enquiry might be:

  • About the prehistoric dinosaurs and their lives;
  • To explore different types of dinosaurs - those on land, air and sea;
  • About things that are big and small in size, shape and measurement;
  • About things that are heavy and things that are light;
  • To think about herbivores and carnivores;
  • About gigantic and tiny imaginary creatures in fantasy stories;
  • About passage of time and evolution;
  • To find out which was the biggest dinosaur!

Which was the Biggest Dinosaur?

We have been very busy with our learning project this term. We have been digging for dinosaur bones, making dinosaur fossils, using paint to make our own representations of dinosaur footprints and exploring our very own dinosaur world! We even had a visit from a giant T-Rex!

Autumn 2

Why Can't I Have Chocolate for Breakfast? 


This interest provides ideas for stimulating children's curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about the things we eat and how they can affect our health and well-bring including the changing the state of food by cooking, melting, mixing or freezing.

In this interest possible lines of enquiry might be:

  • About naming, tasting and describing different types of food;
  • Our senses;
  • About keeping our bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet;
  • About how we can grow our own food;
  • About different types of food from different countries;
  • About what happens when we make changes to food by cooking, melting, freezing and mixing. 

Autumn 1

What is a Reflection?


This Learning Project Interest develops children’s curiosity, understanding and knowledge about mirrors, reflections and symmetry.

In this interest possible lines of enquiry might be:

  • Materials that are shiny and those that are not
  • Materials that reflect and those that do not;
  • How mirrors can be used to create symmetry and symmetrical patterns;
  • About details of their own reflection;
  • About reflective surfaces in nature and those that are man-made;
  • About symmetrical and non-symmetrical patterns;
  • About things that are the same and things that are different.

   The Pop Project

The Pop Project came to Button Lane and gave us all an excellent performance. We all got on our feet and sang and danced to some classics! We learnt about British values and what kind of person we should be!      

  Remembrance Day

Mr McDonald served in the Army and came into Reception to share his experiences. We looked at some of his most valuable treasures. Mr McDonald brought in his medals, old photographs, shells and much more! We all stood to attention and learnt to salute like soldiers! 

We also discussed Remembrance day and why we wear poppies. 

A huge thank you to Mr McDonald for sharing his memories with us.          09.11.15

The Gruffalo!

Look who came to visit Reception! The Gruffalo was very friendly and answered all of our questions. He brought in some of his favourite food for us to try. We all enjoyed scrabmled snake, roasted fox, owl ice cream and mouse on bread! Delicious! 

The cheeky mouse brought some Gruffalo crumble for Reception. The Gruffalo didn't like the idea of that!

Take a look at our feast!                                                                                   06.11.15

                                  Wake Up Shake Up!

This week we started our PE sessions. We have been learning about how to warm-up and cool down, what happens to our bodies when we exercise and how to use our bodies in different ways. We enjoyed our warm-up this week by doing Wake Up Shake Up, watch the videos below!


           Rosh Hashanah  14th-15th September 2015

This week we have been learning about the Jewish New Year Festival of Rosh Hashanah.

We wished each other L' Shana Tova 'a sweet new year' by tasting apples and honey- delicious! We made Rosh Hashanah cards for our families by printing apples and we also learnt a Rosh Hashanah song!

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