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School Council

At the beginning of each year, each class elects a member of School Council. Members attend regular meetings where they have the opportunity to share ideas, opinions and views from their class.

The Council is important because it gives every child in the school the opportunity to share their views and put forward ideas on how the school can improve with regard to academic and social

Jack McGovern Marnie Doe Poppy Ann Pollit Ewa Kent
Lola Daly Eva Rainey Elene Khuroshvili Lola Owens
Ava Miller-Booth Drew Grimshaw Jack Belcher  Archie Evans
Mia Norman Millie Wood Thomas Hutchinson Octavio Nascimento Miguel

activities. The Governing Body listens to the views and recommendations of the School Council and uses these to inform some of their decisions. 

School Council 2017 - 2018

Today, the School Council tidied up corridors, under stairs and locker areas. They found lots of rubbish! The children also pulled down old posters on walls. A message from the School Council.... Remember to keep our school tidy! Look how much rubbish they found!



The School Council, together with the Pupil Leadership Team discussed how our school attendance could be improved. They came up with lots of ideas which they sent to Ms Roberts.

Look at the link here to view them.


It's Anti- Bullying Week this week and today the School Council were involved in the assembly together with Kimberley Evans from Healthy Schools. They used a presentation to demonstrate the importance of this year's theme... 'All Different, All Equal'.    


Today, the school council had a job to do! They were judging posters that some children had made for a competition for Anti Bullying Week organised by Healthy Schools. Unfortunately only one could be chosen but many of them will go around school in Anti Bullying Week which is from the 13th November. Mia Norman's poster was chosen from Button Lane School.


The first job the school council had this year was to look at the new menus for lunchtime. They discussed things they liked and made comments about things they didn't care for. We hope to continue to be more involved with lunchtimes!


Today some of the school council helped at the MacMillan Coffee Morning.  They helped Mrs Marrett make some tasty Spiced Chocolate Carrot Muffins and also gave out the recipe &  samples to visitors. Their treat was to take one home! Scrummy!


On Tuesday afternoon, Mia Norman, Millie Wood, Thomas Hutchinson & Octavio Nascimento Miguel from the School Council visited Beaver Road Primary School in Didsbury as part of a network meeting with other schools. We were very proud of them as they confidently discussed ideas on the theme of Anti Bullying Week which takes place in November. Beaver Road provided some delicious treats!