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Numicon Number Frames for Counting 

The Sock Olympics 2020

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Mrs McDermott and Mrs Rowlands would love to hear what Nursery have been learning at home. Please tell us about the work you have been doing in the guestbook below. You can send photos of your work to your teacher via email.


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Alvie Joe Sutton(a couple of months ago)

Alvie Joe is really enjoying the old lady who swallowed a fly topic this week! Hes been working really hard with his letter formations and being able to identify letters and numbers by looking at them now not just saying them. Hes watching the song every day and can now sing most of the words instead of mumbling through. He loves doing the creative activities and i find this is when i can keep him engaged the most.

Oliver Myers ney(less than a year ago)

Oliver has just been looking at all the pictures that have been uploaded and it really brought a smile to his face to see all his friends

Lola Potter(less than a year ago)

We talked about how Harry felt sad after leaving his bucket on the train.

Lola Potter(less than a year ago)

I made a happy face and a sad face so I could talk about what I liked and disliked about the book.

Alvie Joe Sutton(less than a year ago)

Today Alvie Joe really enjoyed singing Old McDonald, we did all the farm animals and then we used his animal puppets to sing about some zoo animals too, we asked Alexa to tell us some of the noises they made so we could copy. We had lots of fun.

Isla wells(less than a year ago)

Hiya Mrs Rowlands I’ve loved doing all her activities at home today I have tried my hardest at doing it all my favourite one was the hop scotch with daddy on his dinner break Me and my brother have also been work with mummy. I have plenty off photos and videos I will get mummy to email over soon.

Maximilian Foden(less than a year ago)

I've been working really hard learning to write my name on my own and learning letters and sounds.

Maximilian Foden(less than a year ago)

I've been working really hard learning to write my name on my own and learning letters and sounds.

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