Button Lane Primary School

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School Uniform

School uniform is worn throughout the school and encourages a sense of belonging and identity. Our children are proud to wear their school uniform and represent their school.


School Uniform Expectations

School uniform is compulsory and is worn by all children from Nursery to Year 6.

Our school colours are royal blue and yellow 

  • Grey/black trousers, pinafore or skirt - without school logo
  • Yellow polo shirt - with or without school logo
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan - with or without school logo
  • Royal blue/white or yellow/white check summer dress - without school logo
  • Plain black/white/grey socks or tights 
  • Black school shoes - trainers are not acceptable

In addition to the main uniform, your child will need a rain coat and a pair of wellingtons for Nursery/Reception for Forest School throughout the year.

Please mark all items of clothing with your child’s name.

P.E. Kit

It is essential that children's P.E. kit is clearly labelled and kept in a marked P.E. bag in school at all times. We recommend taking P.E. kit home on Fridays and returning it on Mondays so that your child can take part in all sports activities throughout the week.

P.E. kit:

  • black plimsolls/trainers
  • plain white t-shirt (available with school badge) or Marcus Rashford Black T shirt (donated by Marcus for all children)
  • plain black shorts
  • plain black jogging trousers in case of cold weather
  • plain black hoody/jumper in case of cold weather

Branded clothing and football shirts etc. are unacceptable.

Please mark all items of clothing with your child’s name.

Purchasing School Uniform

You can now buy uniform through Stitch Design. 

 Our uniform can also be purchased from the uniform shops at Sale Circle Shops and Wythenshawe Town Centre.

We have a small amount of stock you can purchase from the school office.


Cardigan - £10

Sweatshirt - £8.15

Polo shirt - £7

Reversible Jacket - £17.95

Book Bag - £8 (available at the school office)  


Our FoBL will run events throughout the year were donated uniform will be available. You will receive updates throughout the year of when these will take place. 

Wet and cold weather clothing

Outdoor play and learning are a really important part of our school life. If it's cold or rainy we expect children to come to school in appropriate clothing for the weather. If children walk to school in wellies or trainers, we expect them to have proper school shoes to change into once they arrive.

We also ask that parents ensure that their child has a warm, waterproof coat.

Warm and sunny weather clothing 

Parts of our playground and outdoor areas are quite exposed to the sun. In warm sunny weather we ask that parents apply sun cream to their children before they come to school as this is not something that staff are permitted to do. We also advise that they have a hat and a water bottle. We don't allow children to wear flip-flops or open–toed shoes of any kind. In particular this is to avoid accidents while playing outside.  

Mobile phones and valuable items

Mobile phones and any other personal devices are not allowed on school premises. We accept that for upper key stage children, who may walk home alone, they may need their mobile phone .We expect these devices to be handed into the school office every day on arrival, and they can be picked up again at the end of the day.

Any child found with a mobile phone or other device on school premises will have it confiscated and their parent/carer will be called to come and get it from us at the end of the day. If we have reason to believe that the device may have been used to take unauthorised photographs of other pupils or staff during the school day we reserve the right to remove those photographs from the device before returning it to the pupil. 

We cannot accept any responsibility for money or other valuables and we strongly advise that children do not bring any of these items into school.


In the interest of safety, no jewellery should be worn. The only exception is plain stud earrings.

Watches may be worn by children but the school cannot be responsible for the safeguarding of such items. Smart watches are not permitted.


Thank you

We thank all our parents and carers who actively support our school uniform code and reward our pupils who demonstrate this as they are representing our school perfectly.