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Science Lead - Ms Goldman


At Button Lane Primary School, we strive to develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of important scientific and technological ideas, processes and skills, and encourage them to relate these to their everyday experiences.  We aim to deliver a challenging, engaging and inspirational Science curriculum in line with the 2014 National Curriculum.

Our Science curriculum has been planned and designed in a way that demonstrates progression of skills as children move throughout the school. The skills that children acquire as they work scientifically will be built upon and added to as children progress. Our Science curriculum has also been designed to allow as much ‘hands on’ investigation and exploration to take place as often as possible. In taking this approach, we believe that we can imbed a love of learning in Science and a genuine curiosity about the world in which the children live. Many of our Science lessons are given a context, so the children feel that the work they do is purposeful and can be applied to the ‘real world’.

By the time they leave Button Lane, we believe that children should be competent and confident in working scientifically, that is, ‘understanding the nature, processes and methods of science’, as detailed in the National Curriculum. Therefore, children will be able to ask questions, observe, perform tests, take measurements, identify and classify, gather and record data, record and report on their findings and draw conclusions from their investigations. These skills are essential, as they are the foundations of any scientific enquiry and will assist children as they progress further, not only at school, but throughout life.


Assessment is used as a tool to inform our teaching and learning and to measure the impact of the curriculum we have created. We vary our approach to assessment to ensure it is tailored towards each subject. It takes place purposefully and meaningfully at key points across the year.

We assess each Science unit in the following ways:

  • Low stake end of unit reviews to assess key knowledge and end points of a unit to enable misconceptions to be highlighted and targeted early
  • Daily reviews to assess prior learning and starting points 
  • Assessment of working scientifically objectives through an independent investigation each half term. 
  • Moderation within school 
  • An end of unit outcome
  • Pupil Voice

Conversations between subject leaders and class teachers take place to ensure that standards across the curriculum are monitored and reported annually to staff,  parent’s and  governors

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