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Button Lane Primary School

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We believe that all pupils should be exposed to the creative arts consistently throughout their education and have access to explore further opportunities in the areas of music, art and drama. Exploring the work of different artists and performers widens and enriches their view on the world, leaving them with fond memories of their time at Button Lane. Expressing themselves through the creative arts provides children opportunities to work with different medias, sing and perform and portray their learning to a range of audiences. Music and art kindle all areas of a child’s development, preparing them for school readiness and enhancing their educational journey, bringing the body and mind together.


At Button Lane Primary School, children enjoy vibrant music lessons using Charanga. Charanga is a fantastic classroom music programme in which children listen to and appraise music, create and compose and sing and perform. At home, children can access Yumu, a virtual music tutorial world where they can learn to play an instrument at home, sing along to much-loved songs and earn coins for their hard work and achievement.

Musical Contexts

Children in Key Stage 2 are exposed to an increasingly wider range of music from all different genres. They use their listening and appraising skills to discuss and describe music such as Holst: The Planets. Pupils compose pieces inspired by music from different cultures for example, the ancient Egyptians and perform their pieces to an audience.