Button Lane Primary School

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Music Lead - Mrs Earley-Prosol


We believe that music is a way for children to express themselves through singing, composing and performing. Our pupils should have plentiful opportunities to explore their musicality and develop skills, finding a way to enjoy music that suits their interests. Learning about different composers, genres, instruments and cultures enriches their view on the world and instils values that they will carry with them throughout life.

We aim to deliver a creative, varied, and engaging programme of high quality classroom music that sets out the knowledge, skills and understanding to be gained by all pupils at each stage of learning. We offer pupils opportunities to learn multiple instruments through whole class teaching during their time at Button Lane and develop individual talent by offering small group tuition, leading to ABRSM grades.

Our Music curriculum takes an integrated approach to musical learning which is progressive and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music and many of the suggested approaches of the Model Music Curriculum.

Music Mark Award

We are proud to have been awarded the Music Mark Award in recognition of our commitment to providing high quality music education for our pupils.

Artsmark Award

We have been awarded the Artsmark Gold Award for our commitment to arts and cultural education. 

Our Music Curriculum

Beginning in Early Years, children learn and sing songs and rhymes that relate to ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’ and ‘Understanding the World’.

In Key Stage 1, pupils progress their singing, listening and composing skills through units that focus on developing memory, call and echo/response, chants, rap and rhymes. Pupils also begin learning a tuned instrument at the end of Year 2.

Following this, in Key Stage 2, children have multiple opportunities to learn a range of tuned instruments through whole-class teaching and small group teaching, with some pupils completing graded exams. Through classroom music, pupils build on the skills of singing, listening, composing and performing through a variety of genres including World Folk, Classical, Rap, Jazz and Gospel, as well as through historical contexts and other music themes such as sea shanties, the American civil rights movement and WW1. Pupils deepen their understanding of staff notation, scales and the interrelated dimensions of music: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure.

Instrumental Tuition

At Button Lane Primary School, pupils have multiple opportunities to access instrumental tuition throughout their education. Mr Sanderson, a peripatetic teacher from One Education Music, provides first access and wider opportunities for children across our school.

Year 2 - Whole Class Tin Whistle tuition 

Year 3 - Whole Class Tin Whistle tuition

Year 4 - Whole Class Ukulele, Violin and Guitar tuition

Year 5 - Whole Class Ukulele tuition

Year 6 - Whole Class Samba & Rock Band 

Inclusive Music Class for pupils with SEN - One term per year throughout KS2 

Violin and Guitar Grades - Small groups for Year 4 upwards throughout the year 

Music Culture

At Button Lane, music is at the heart of our school culture and is the perfect medium for discovering and learning all about other cultures from around the world.

Every week we have a Singing Assembly, lead by Mrs Earley-Prosol, where pupils learn songs from a range of cultures and genres to reflect the time of year, events and festivals.

Music and song are of great importance in our annual festivals and celebrations including; Harvest, Black History Month, Christmas, Saints Days and Easter.

Manchester Music Hub

If your child is interested in learning a musical instrument or joining a music club outside of school, please take a look below at the Manchester Music Hub website for more details and information. 

Irish Music Band

Mrs Earley-Prosol leads the Irish Music Club every Friday after school 2:50pm - 3:50pm. Mr Sanderson also teaches at the club. Pupils are invited to join the club should they show keen interest or talent.

The Irish Band perform at various events and venues throughout the year as part of the Wythenshawe Irish Music Collective, founded by Mrs Earley-Prosol and One Education Music Hub.

Ex-Button Lane Irish Band pupils are welcome to continue attending Irish Band.