Button Lane Primary School

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Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening Lead - Miss Abdelmawla


At Button Lane we want our children to know that their voice is the most powerful tool that they own. Speaking and Listening helps children develop essential, necessary thinking skills, which allows them to reason and think through arguments. It also creates the ability to question the evidence behind a particular statement or stance rationally. We aim to increase speaking and listening attainment and improve a range of higher-order thinking skills and non-cognitive abilities such as confidence, teamwork, and leadership. We want to prepare and motivate young people for further education and the world of work.

Our intention is for our children to:

  • Express their opinions, articulate feelings and listen to and respond appropriately in a range of situations
  • Participate with different groups of children to present ideas with confidence and valuing the views of others
  • Speak audibly and confidently before an audience, for example when performing in plays, debating, elections, campaigns, leading whole-school worship etc.

Speaking and Listening Gallery 

Year 1 are retelling the story of The Enormous Potato using Talk For Writing

Year 2 reporting live about the first moon landing. One small step for man one giant leap for year 2!

Button Lane worked with the Department of Education and Debate Mate in their ‘Discover Teaching Campaign’ to educate the network on the teaching profession.  

This house believes that children should bring their pets to school

This house believes that school uniform should be banned

Year 3- Innovation of the story Jeremiah the jellyfish

Year 1 have created a Black History Months News Report