Button Lane Primary School

Only the best is good enough


Art Lead - Miss Todd

We believe that all pupils should be exposed to the creative arts consistently throughout their education and have access to explore further opportunities in the areas of music, art and drama. Exploring the work of different artists and performers widens and enriches their view on the world, leaving pupils with fond memories of their time at Button Lane.

Expressing themselves through the creative arts provides children opportunities to work with different medias, sing and perform, and portray their learning to a range of audiences. Music and art kindle all areas of a child’s development, preparing them for school readiness and enhancing their educational journey, bringing the body and mind together.

Artsmark Gold Award

We have been awarded the Artsmark Gold Award by the Arts Council England. Please visit our dedicated Artsmark Award page for more detail.

Art in the Community

We have worked closely with Manchester Art Gallery on a number of occasions and pupils have paid many visits to the gallery meeting renowned artists including Naomi Kendrick and Kate Gaudy.

The inspirational Naomi Kendrick came into our school, leading an eight week project. Pupils in KS2 accessed the project which aimed to develop resilience and give the children a sense of ownership of a final piece. The final piece of artwork is displayed in the Assembly Hall for all to see.