Button Lane Primary School

Only the best is good enough


Writing Lead - Miss Bradbury

Writing Curriculum Intent 

Writing is an integral part of the curriculum at Button Lane connected with the teaching of reading and speaking and listening, and developed through all areas of the school curriculum. At Button Lane, we want to ensure that writing skills empower individuals to unlock their potential as independent, lifelong learners, through developing self-esteem, motivation and aspirations for the future, allowing them to understand the purpose of writing and gain skills to thrive. 

Our English curriculum offer is shaped to inspire a love of reading, writing and literature through using high quality and varied texts, as a stimulus to shape pupils understanding and spark creativity and imagination. Speaking and listening is a main driver in our curriculum and begins in the Early Years Foundation stage to help diminish word gap, develop language and ensure our pupils can communicate effectively within their writing.

The planning and delivery of our writing curriculum provides a bond between our values, ethos and the national curriculum through bespoke planning and delivery for the needs of our children. We aim to instill a spiraling progression of skills from the Early Years Foundation Stage to year 6, which provide children with a solid understanding of narrative and non-fiction text types, which are progressive across all years. We strive to deliver our writing lessons around our pupils interests, beginning with a hook and then providing lots of opportunities to read as both a reader and a writer. This allows our pupils to gather content and  encourages a strong understanding of grammar, so children can utilise it accurately, whether in writing or editing. 

 We equip our pupils with key skills, knowledge and vocabulary to open gateways for lifelong learning.

Our English curriculum aims to ensure that our pupils not only develop resilience to become primary literate but will also develop a love of reading, creative writing and purposeful speaking and listening, that is embedded across all areas of the curriculum.

Through English, we embrace our curriculum drivers:

  • Developing speech and language,
  • Increasing vocabulary and diminishing word gap,
  • Providing real life experiences through opening the world around us,
  • Unlocking self-esteem to motivate and aspire for the future,
  • Developing cultural capital throughout their school life journey.

By giving this context to their learning, the children understand the value of English to them now and throughout their future life, believing that ‘only the best is good enough.

Writing Gallery

Our writing gallery showcases our writing, across school, home, writing lessons and within our other curriculum areas. Demonstrating our understanding of writing for a purpose as well as showcasing our enjoyment in writing.