Button Lane Primary School

Only the best is good enough

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Ms Roberts (Apple Teacher)

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Dyson (Apple Teacher)

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Bradbury (Apple Teacher)

KS1 Leader: Mrs Hutchinson

KS2 Leader: Mrs Greenfield

SENDCo: Mrs Ireland (Apple Teacher)


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Staff                                                                                          Reception Staff

Class teacher: Mrs McDermott (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Mrs Rowlands (Apple Teacher)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Daly

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rigg

Teaching Assistant: Miss Collinge


Class teacher: Mrs Dyson (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Miss Hudson-Jones (Apple Teacher)

Teaching Assistant: Miss Willox

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gough

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cooke

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hey

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Miller

Teaching Assistant: Miss Lang


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Year 2

 Class teacher: Miss Whittaker (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Miss Gordon (Apple Teacher)

Teaching Assistant: Miss Eden

Teaching Assistant: Miss Grimshaw

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Baldwin



Class teacher: Miss Abdelmawla

Class teacher: Mrs Hutchinson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cooke

Teaching Assistant: Miss Potter

 Teaching Assistant: Miss Farrington

Teaching Assistant: Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistant: Miss Khalil


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3


Year 4

Class teacher: Miss Bradbury (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Miss N Todd

Class teacher: Mrs Goldman

Class teacher: Mr Pyne (Apple Teacher)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Marshall

Teaching Assistant: Miss Carr Briggs

 Teaching Assistant: Miss Goulden

Teaching Assistant: Miss Swanson


Class teacher: Miss Campbell (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Mrs Mawson (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Mrs Birchall (Apple Teacher)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Owen

Teaching Assistant: Mr Ellison

Teaching Assistant: Miss Leigh




Upper Key Stage Two

Year 5

Year 6

Class teacher: Miss Earley 

Class teacher: Miss Mills (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Miss Millican

Teaching Assistant: Miss Owen

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Woolham

Teaching Assistant: Miss Slater

Teaching Assistant: Miss Nedelova

Class teacher: Mr Fitton (Apple Teacher)

Class teacher: Mrs Greenfield (Apple Teacher)

Teaching Assistant: Mr Hilditch

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Goulden

 Teaching Assistant: Miss Fox

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Akther


Sports Coach - Mr Walker

Peripatetic Music Teacher - Mr Sanderson

Special Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator - Mrs Ireland 

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Ms Roberts

Designated Safeguarding Lead & Pastoral Support Manager - Mrs Jones

Inclusion and Pastoral Support Teaching Assistants - Mrs Ward and Mrs Bartram

Office Staff

HR/Finance Manager - Miss Thomas

Finance/Office Administrator - Mrs Cooke 

Attendance/Office AdministratorMrs Wood

Button After School Club

Manager - Miss Arksey


Miss Evans and Mr Fowler

House Keeping

Caretaker - Mr McCallum


Miss Scott  Miss Hindley  Mrs Marshall Mr Cliff    Miss Atkinson  


Lunchtime Organisers

Senior: Mrs Woolham      

Miss Hindley   Miss Scott   Mrs Jones    Miss Pemberton   Miss Nedelova
Miss Cattell  Mr Fowler Miss Evans   Mrs Jones Miss Hume
Mrs Marshall   Miss Atkinson   Miss Morrison Miss Winterton Mr Rowson