Button Lane Primary School

Only the best is good enough


At Button Lane Primary School, we recognise that there is a very clear relationship between the regularity with which pupils attend school and their academic achievement.

Pupils with good attendance records benefit from:

• Continuity of learning in lessons.
• Improved performance in examinations.
• Support and guidance with reading, writing and maths.
• Maintaining friendships.
• Developing good habits for adult life.

We therefore ask for your support to keep absenteeism to a minimum, so that we can prepare your child effectively for their future.

Please ensure that all medical appointments are made after school or in the school holidays

Attendance Target 

Our attendance target is 97% or above.

This is an ambitious target but we are confident that as a school we can achieve it.


Attendance Assembly

We celebrate pupils' attendance every Friday during assembly. We display class attendance on our themed attendance board in the KS1 Hall. 

Pupil attendance achievements are celebrated focusing on:

  • Weekly whole school attendance percentage
  • Weekly class attendance percentages
  • Which classes have achieved 97% or above that week
  • Which classes have achieved 100% that week
  • Which classes have improved their attendance from the week before

Each term, an attendance celebration is held where individual pupils are recognised for their school attendance. Parents/carers are invited to attend.




Punctuality Facts

5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost learning each year

15 minutes late each day = 2 weeks lost learning each year

30 minutes late each day = 19 days lost learning each year

Why is good attendance and punctuality so important?

A good education gives a child the best possible start in life. We must ensure that all our pupils have an equal chance to make good use of the education that the school offers by providing a positive and encouraging atmosphere. To achieve this it is important that each child attends school regularly and punctually. When a child does not attend school regularly and on time they will have difficulty keeping up with their work and will therefore underachieve.

The school recognises that parents have a vital role to play in supporting and encouraging good attendance and punctuality. By accepting responsibility in partnership with the school, we can work together to ensure the children’s right to a full education, as well as enabling parents to fulfil their legal responsibility.

It is very important for all children to attend school every day and to arrive on time. School starts promptly at 8:40am and children should arrive in good time for when the bell goes. This is essential to ensure that children benefit fully from classroom learning and that other children’s learning is not disrupted. To help with punctuality, there is a breakfast club from 8:00am. 

Not only does lateness make a bad start to the day, arrival after 9:30am is considered half a day’s absence. All lateness/attendance is recorded and monitored by the school and our Attendance officer, Mrs Wood.

Usually, the only acceptable reason for a pupil to miss a day of school is if they are too ill to attend. If this is the case, you should ring/text the school office by 9:30am. If you are not sure in the morning whether your child is well enough for school, we suggest you send them in. We can always call you if they become too ill to get through the day.

Authorisation for absence will not be given for outings, shopping trips or family visits. Holidays should be taken during the school breaks and not during term time. In exceptional circumstances permission may be sought from the headteacher and every case will be treated individually.


Medical appointments

Medical appointments should be made out of school hours where possible. If your child has to see a doctor or dentist in school time they should attend school for as much of the day as possible. It is not permitted to take a whole day off school for a medical appointment unless the appointment lasts all day.

Holidays during Term Time

No holidays will be authorised for any pupils (unless in exceptional circumstances) as the lessons they miss will have a detrimental effect on their progress and academic success.

We recognise that financial pressures and work commitments sometimes make it difficult to take holidays outside of school time. However you cannot avoid the fact that your children will only have one chance to receive an education and in order for the staff at Button Lane Primary School to do their very best for your child we ask that you support us in this matter.

If you choose to take an unauthorised leave of absence then you may be at risk of a £60 per child per parent fine from Manchester City Council.

Attendance during one

school year

How many days absent?

How many weeks absent?

How many lessons missed?

95% 9 days 2 weeks 50 lessons
90% 19 days 4 weeks 100 lessons
80% 38 days 8 weeks 200 lessons
70% 57 days 11.5 weeks 288 lessons
60% 80 days 16 weeks 400 lessons
50% 100 days 20 weeks 500 lessons

Attendance Process

If your child is absent from school you must telephone the office on the first day of absence before 9.30 am and provide a reason.
If we receive no confirmation of the reason you will receive a phone call home from our attendance officer.
If your child is absent for more than 3 days then you will receive a phone call home from the attendance officer or a home visit to see if any support is required.
If your child's attendance drops below 96% it will be monitored.
If your child's attendance drops below 90% then your child will be put on the persistent absentee list.

Actions that could be taken:
• Home visit letters
• Red, Amber or Green Letters
• Request for you to attend a Red or Amber Attendance Panel to discuss your child's attendance where a formal contract will be drawn up.

If there are still no improvements your case could be passed on to the authorities for possible prosecution.