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Geography Lead - Mrs Thompson


At Button Lane we believe that our Geography curriculum will inspire a curiosity and fascination in pupils about the world and its people that will stay with them long after they leave our school. The teaching will ensure a progression of knowledge about places, people, resources and natural and human environments along with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Our aim is to widen the world of our pupils through a geography curriculum that provides real life experiences. These experiences will enable our children to develop a deeper sense of self as they gain a firm knowledge and understanding of their local area as well as how that compares to the wider world. From EYFS through to KS2, our pupils will be encouraged to use specific geographical vocabulary to ask questions and to find answers through research and field work.

Each geography project is connected to a Sustainable Development Goal to help pupils use their geographical knowledge to understand the goals and their importance. By the end of Key Stage Two, we intend for all our pupils to have a basic knowledge of each of the Sustainable Development Goals as a result of our geography curriculum and Global Learning days. We aim to ensure that our pupils can talk in more detail about some of the goals and show an understanding of what they can do to make difference within their community. 



Assessment is used as a tool to inform our teaching and learning and to measure the impact of the curriculum we have created. We vary our approach to assessment to ensure it is tailored towards each subject. It takes place purposefully and meaningfully at key points across the year.

We assess each Geography unit in the following ways:

  • Low stake end of unit reviews to assess key knowledge and end points of a unit to enable misconceptions to be highlighted and targeted early
  • Moderation within school 
  • An end of unit outcome
  • Pupil Voice

Conversations between subject leaders and class teachers take place to ensure that standards across the curriculum are monitored and reported annually to staff,  parent’s and  governors.


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