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Religious Education and World Views

R.E. Lead - Mrs Birchall 


At Button Lane, Religious Education and World Views encourages our children to learn and explore their own and the beliefs of others. This subject broadens their vision, develops and deepens their knowledge about world views.

Religious Education and World Views promotes opportunities to ask challenging questions about the world in which we live and creates a safe place for the children to question their own and the views of others. 

At Button Lane, we believe that our children should understand, appreciate and care about others and the diverse and ever changing world that we live in. From this, children can form a strong basis about their own beliefs, ideas and values, being proud of their identity, while respecting the right of others to differ.

It is our aim that all the children experience important traditions and customs from world religions, where they can visit places of worship or learn from members of the community.


Assessment is used as a tool to inform our teaching and learning and to measure the impact of the curriculum we have created. We vary our approach to assessment to ensure it is tailored towards each subject. It takes place purposefully and meaningfully at key points across the year.

We assess each Religious Education unit in the following ways:

  • Low stake end of unit reviews to assess key knowledge and end points of a unit to enable misconceptions to be highlighted and targeted early
  • Moderation within school 
  • An end of unit outcome
  • Pupil Voice

Conversations between subject leaders and class teachers take place to ensure that standards across the curriculum are monitored and reported annually to staff,  parent’s and  governors

Other cultural and religious celebrations at Button Lane

 Year 4 and 5 thoroughly enjoyed learning about Mahatma Gandhi through a fantastic workshop. 

World Religion Day

To help explore our article of the month, 'Article 14: Your right to follow your own religion' we celebrate World Religion Day. This year, joined by parents, we started off with a whole school assembly where we explored the 6 largest faiths.  In class,  we explored World Religion Day further and each child created a reflective hand print about themselves which we used to create a display that celebrates our similarities and differences. 

Ramadan Assembly

Religious Education and World Views Curriculum Documents

Whole School Progression and Overview

Easter Assembly

Annual events and celebrations

Take a look at some of our annual events:

Harvest Festival


Chinese New Year

Saints Days