Button Lane Primary School

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Intervention Programmes

Intervention programmes have a crucial role to play in continuing to raise standards. We carefully monitor children's progress and target support to help children who need to 'catch up' to ensure that all children make progress. Effective targeting and monitoring of the use of intervention programmes is vital if all children are to reach their potential.


Success at Arithmetic

The Success at Arithmetic programme aims to enable children, who have the greatest difficulties with mathematics, to make greater progress towards expected levels of attainment so that they will catch up with their peers.

Success at Arithmetic is a structured programme that should last no longer than 16 weeks and is delivered 3 times a week. It can be adjusted to suit the needs of the pupils. It focuses on the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children become competent and develop fluency in using efficient written methods before learning how to solve complex problems.

A number of our Teaching Assistants are trained to deliver Success at Arithmetic interventions.


Boosting Reading @ Primary

The BoostingReading@Primary programme supports the acquisition of good reading skills and is specifically designed to improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem-solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment.

BoostingReading@Primary is a 10 week intervention programme delivered one-to-one, by a trained adult three times a week. Each session lasts 15 minutes and includes:

  • Practising independent reading skills on familiar texts

  • Ongoing assessment

  • Working on unfamiliar text with support, leading to independence and understanding

A number of our Teaching Assistants are trained to deliver BRP.