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History Lead -  Mrs Mawson



 The History curriculum has been planned as a knowledge-based scheme.  The curriculum is historical enquiry, questions that guide and give specific outcomes.

There are threads, which run through the curriculum, particularly in KS2, with particular emphasis

  •      Y3 – periodization and historical narrative
  •       Y4 – monarchy and monarchical power
  •       Y5 – achievements that influenced the world today
  •       Y6 – study on implications of decisions

In KS 1 the emphasis is on how we learn about the past, which is reinforced in KS2.

In the EYFS, the emphasis is on immediate history and those of the parents, grandparents.

We have devised a local History scheme of work from Nursery to Y5 and Y6 focusses on our capital.  The key theme is our place in the world, the children’s sphere of understanding at its core.


Assessment is used as a tool to inform our teaching and learning and to measure the impact of the curriculum we have created. We vary our approach to assessment to ensure it is tailored towards each subject. It takes place purposefully and meaningfully at key points across the year.

We assess each History unit in the following ways:

  • Low stake end of unit reviews to assess key knowledge and end points of a unit to enable misconceptions to be highlighted and targeted early
  • Moderation within school 
  • An end of unit outcome
  • Pupil Voice

Conversations between subject leaders and class teachers take place to ensure that standards across the curriculum are monitored and reported annually to staff,  parent’s and  governors

Black History Education

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