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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Your teachers are Miss Earley, Miss Mills and Miss Millican.

Your teaching assistants are Miss L Owen, Miss Slater, Mrs Woolham and Miss Nedelova.


Watch the video here to learn more about the Covid safety procedures at The Forum Swimming Baths. 


How to complete Homework

Homework is set on Fridays. Spelling tests will take place in school on Fridays and the new spelling rule for the following week will be taught. 

Due to current circumstances, homework books will not be collected in from home and marked by staff. Children do not need to return their homework book to school. Homework books should be treated as a journal. This is a book for children to record their homework, practice spellings, record research, answer tasks etc.

You can share your child's homework with us via school social media or email.

All work requiring marking will have answer sheets attached for parents and children to use.

'Always Homework' 

These are daily homework tasks. Children are encouraged to practise as much as possible.

All your log-in details are in your Home Learning Pack.

15 minutes daily Reading


Number Work

Times Tables


EdShed Web Game - Spelling Shed and MathShed

100 Books to Read - find these to enjoy at home or from the school library

Extra Homework

These are additional tasks set weekly. Make sure you have completed the 'Always Homework' above as well.

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7









Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Maths Homework Video

Remembrance Day - Choose an activity!

Science - explore the solar system!

St Andrew's Day - Choose an activity!

Geography - Watch the videos and complete the activites

Science - Watch the videos and complete the activities

Christmas - Choose an activity!

Maths Homework Sheet

Maths Answers


Keep in Touch

Miss Earley, Miss Millican & Miss Mills would love to hear what Year 5 have been learning at home. Please tell us about the work you have been doing in the guestbook below. You can send photos of your work to your teacher via email.

If you are completing 'Home Learning' please email any questions to your teacher at year5@buttonlane.manchester.sch.uk


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Drew Grimshaw(less than a year ago)

Hi everyone

Miss Earley(less than a year ago)

So glad you enjoyed the Victorian Slum programme Isabel. It is so interesting to see how people lived during that time isn't it?

Isabel(less than a year ago)

I watched 'the Victorian slum' and it was really good. I liked seeing how the people tried to make money so that they could pay their rent.

Isabel(about a year ago)

Hi everyone

Isabel(about a year ago)

Hello are you excited for the zoom call? I am

drew(about a year ago)


drew(about a year ago)


drew(about a year ago)

how is everyone doing

Austin(about a year ago)

Are you all having fun

Miss Earley(about a year ago)

Hi everyone! I am so pleased with all the hard work I have been hearing about at home. You are all doing your best to help around the house and have been learning new things like baking and gardening. Absolutely fantastic life skills so well done! And then to top it off you’ve even been having a go at some home learning! You are incredible and I miss you all so much! Take care and stay safe!

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